Microsoft ‘Project Scorpio’ Already Has 250 Games Under Its Belt

In this year’s E3, Microsoft announced the code-named ‘Project Scorpio’, a mid-generation console upgrade that is scheduled to arrive during the 2017 holiday season. The console will pack 6 teraflops of computing power, which will make it the most powerful console ever. That number is significantly higher than the PS4 Pro, Sony’s similarly upcoming mid-generation upgrade which will arrive later this month.

Like the PS4 Pro with the PS4 game library, Project Scorpio will share the game library of the Xbox One and will have no exclusive games. Since the Xbox One now has backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games, it’s safe to wonder whether Project Scorpio will also carry that feature. Now it looks that will indeed be the case, as confirmed by Xbox chief Mike Ybarra on Twitter.

That means Project Scorpio already has more than 200 games in its game library. Backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One was a recent feature for the console, which only arrived last November 2015. More games will certainly be available when Project Scorpio arrives. But assuming the console holds up to its promise of power and produces a console gaming experience like never before, then those Xbox 360 games will undoubtedly take a back seat. Unless, of course, players want to relive precious memories.

Microsoft has yet to release any other significant info about Project Scorpio. And that include games that are currently being developed to hopefully accompany it at launch. Most likely, more details will be revealed in the second quarter of next year. But there’s always the chance that Microsoft will pull off a tactic similar to Sony and Nintendo when it came to the PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch (which was just revealed last October after months of being kept in the dark). If that happens, then fans will really just have to wait for the 2017 holiday season.

A new trend in console gaming

The PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio marks the first time that the two rival companies went for a mid-generation upgrade. For Sony, which has already won the current generation of consoles thanks to the superiority of the PS4, the decision may be related to the PlayStation VR. The virtual reality headset operates on the PS4. So the hardware upgrade to make the experience smoother seems logical, although Sony never confirmed this.

For Microsoft, on the other hand, Project Scorpio is most likely their attempt to recover from being dominated by Sony in the current-gen. However, if this becomes a trend in the consoles department, players would be hard-pressed to immediately buy the ‘base’ form of consoles, not with an upgrade arriving in two or three years. Hopefully, Sony and Microsoft don’t make this a habit.


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