Final Fantasy XV: Director cites The Last of Us as Inspiration

With the announcement that Final Fantasy XV is set to be released this year, the hype has officially started for the fans. So, every new rumor or tidbit surrounding the long-awaited game is gobbled up like candy on Halloween night.

Well, how’s this for new information: Hajime Tabata says the game has taken inspiration from the critically acclaimed game The Last of Us.

No, the game will not feature a post-apocalyptic setting or cannibalistic monsters similar to The Last of Us.

What the director meant to say is that the game was built to have its narrative flow seamlessly with its gameplay, similar to how Naughty Dog’s tearjerker went about its business.

Tabata also says that one part the game’s story revolves around how the main character, Noctis, transitions from being a young prince to a king, along with his relationship with his father. (Read full story here)

The last few games in the Final Fantasy franchise have been a bit underwhelming on the story side, with the last one to arguably feature the most compelling being Final Fantasy X. With the evolution of the gaming industry’s hardware, developers have understandably focused more on the technical side of things, like the graphics and an action-packed gameplay prevalent in popular shooter games.

So, to hear from the director himself that they’re giving a lot of focus to the story of Final Fantasy XV is saying something. And citing The Last of Us as one of the inspirations for how they want the game to come out is just plain exciting.

Final Fantasy XV’s story sounds a bit familiar…

Now, for those who were paying attention, the mention of Final Fantasy XV having a “prince to king” and parent-child relationship storyline might sound a bit familiar.

Final Fantasy IX, which has an upcoming PC release, features a similar storyline surrounding one of the main playable characters as well, Garnet Til Alexandros XVII or simply “Dagger”.

In the game, Garnet/Dagger follows the same path of being a young princess that rose to become the queen of her nation (which houses a badass Eidolon, by the way). Her strained relationship with her mother, Queen Brahne, was also featured early in the game.

Of course, it’s still too early to judge since the game is not even out yet. So, all we can do is patiently wait for the game to finally hit stores. Or just pass away the time in other Final Fantasy games.





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