Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4 – Multi-part series

A money-grab move? Not really

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few months, you’ve probably heard that the legendary Final Fantasy VII (1997) for the original Sony PlayStation will be getting a complete remake for the PlayStation 4. If you REALLY are not aware of this groundbreaking news, well, poor you; go and feast your eyes on either the teaser trailer launched at the E3 2015 or catch up on the latest trailer which includes gameplay preview, in-game graphics, and a heavy dose of Barret sporting a questionable accessory for his eyes.

Done drooling? Okay, because that’s not all that Sony announced during the PlayStation Experience 2015. It was also announced that Final Fantasy VII remake will be released as a multi-part series. Now, don’t grab those pitchforks and torches and march towards Square Enix with betrayed looks just yet, there is actually a sound explanation for that decision.

On the surface, the Final Fantasy VII remake may seem like a shameless money-grab by Square Enix to prey upon nostalgic fans who will no doubt line up for the final product even if it’s released in one hundred parts (knock on wood). But if you consider the amount of content the original game had and convert it to today’s gaming standards even with a more powerful console, it actually makes sense for the developers to cut the game up in order to make sure that every bit of content from the original is kept. In other words, it’s meant to actually stay faithful to the original. One big release with lots of excluded content to fit the disc doesn’t sound too enticing compared to separate packs with large and complete content each, right?

A game being distributed into several packs does not necessarily mean a bad reception from fans (just ask Blizzard Entertainment’s powerhouses, World of Warcraft and StarCraft II). Fans have waited long enough for this remake to happen, so you certainly wouldn’t really hear them seriously complain about the method of which the game will be released.

No doubt Square Enix is doing everything in its power to release a product that will not only make loyal fans cry of happiness and contentment, but also keep the most harsh of critics from pinpointing the tiniest bit of flaw. There are other Final Fantasy games to keep you busy, so why not jump into it in the meantime instead of dampening your spirit about the news of Final Fantasy VII Remake being released into parts.




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