The Force is strong in this GTA V Millennium Falcon mod

This Millennium Falcon mod calls out to you

When the nostalgia machine that is Star Wars: The Force Awakens dropped into theaters, gamers understandably abandoned whatever game they were playing, if only for a moment, to attend to the pull of their childhood feelings. And no doubt, they came back home with the sound of the Millennium Falcon’s engine still humming in their minds, considering the prominence of the “piece of junk” in the film.

If you are one of those who were playing Grand Theft Auto V when the call of the Force arrived then consider yourself lucky, because not only do you get to play again — most likely after a second viewing of the film — but you also get the chance to fly Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon into the skies of Los Santos!

Modder KAFAROS probably just made every Star Wars and Grand Theft Auto V fans the best Christmas gift with this Millennium Falcon mod, which can be freely applied by anyone, but should never be attempted when playing online, of course.

The Millennium Falcon’s design is very well-detailed and not just some garbage attempt to take advantage of the ship’s current resurgence in popularity. Seriously, watch the video above and see if the image of the Falcon gliding along modern buildings isn’t enough to immediately bring you to apply KAFROS’s Millennium Falcon mod.

The Falcon is a modification of the game’s jet fighter and fans probably won’t be switching back soon after they get a taste of the famous smuggler’s ship. Sadly, you don’t get the chance to break Han Solo’s infamous Kessel Run since Grand Theft Auto V is only Earth-bound.

And there’s also no abundance of TIE Fighters in the game to shoot down. Luckily, there is another mod that can cover for those lacking features. Modder JJxORACLE has modified the blimps in the game into those menacing Star Destroyers, which were originally deployed by the Empire. With the combination of those two Star Wars-inspired mods, Grand Theft Auto V players can at least attempt to recreate those scenes in the original trilogy where the Millennium Falcon has to avoid, or take on, a Star Destroyer.

Grand Theft Auto V is not new to mods that are inspired by popular culture — check out those Iron Man mods — but if you are an unabashed Star Wars fans, this mod probably made your holidays complete. If you were somehow disappointed of EA DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront, then you can take out that frustration by taking the Millennium Falcon out for spin in the skies of Los Santos!




News: PC Gamer

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