Xbox Live Countdown Sale: 2nd Week Madness

It’s that time of the year again when big red socks get stuffed with candies and wallets either get barren or full, depending on your age. And it’s that time of the year when products become notoriously cheap in order to squeeze out that every last drop of penny.

For video gamers, the madness does not come in the form of jam-packed malls or overcrowded streets — unless they prefer to get their hands on physical copies of video games. Instead, they stalk around the internet for anything that breathes a sign of ridiculously lowered prices. Then the mad dash to quickly move the cursor and type in credit card information comes in, with the winners usually the most patient hawks around the internet.

When it comes to bargains in the video game industry, people immediately think of Valve’s Steam service. And rightly so, as the platform produces some of the most outrageous deals, especially during holidays — like now. The service does not have behind-the-back dealings or whatever conspiracies: see a deal you like, buy it, then enjoy it. Done. Simple as that.

Unfortunately, the prominence of Steam sometimes make it hard for gamers to grab a deal easily — no thanks to those patient hawks. Left with broken spirits, there are two things gamers can do: look for other sites with equally ridiculous lowered prices, or curse their bad luck.

An Xbox Live Countdown Sale for the ages!

Fortunately, Microsoft has made the effort to help lessen those broken spirits with this year’s Xbox Live Countdown Sale. The first week of the sale yielded some of the best deals of the year, and the second week promises to even topple that!

From currently popular video games like Fallout 4, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, and FIFA 16 to other excellent games like Alien: Isolation and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, this week’s lineup is an abundance of game titles that will make gamers weep with happiness, assuming they actually get the chance to purchase some of them.

This year’s lineup in the Xbox Live Countdown Sale has been called as the biggest for the Xbox platform, and after seeing the game titles available, gamers would be hard-pressed to disagree.

If you are armed with the necessary cash to grab as many game titles on sale at the Xbox Live Countdown Sale, then by all means don’t allow yourself to be reigned in! You won’t have a chance like this again for another year!





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