Street Fighter V Official Guide Will Be Released on Same Day as Game

Rejoice Street Fighter newbies, an official strategy guide for the upcoming Street Fighter V will be released on the same day the game is released to help you get started on the kick-ass action. Thanks to Prima Games, players will be able to get an in-depth guide about the game before they have actually played their first match.

The strategy guide will include everything about the game’s frame data. “For those who like frame data, every attack in the game for every character is listed, including startup, active frames, recovery, damage, stun, and more,” according to Capcom. So, don’t expect the guide to be a simple instruction manual on how to execute the coolest of all moves. Although beginners are most likely going to go for such things from the start.

Upon reading the guide, players will be able to learn how to play as their favorite characters as well as play against them. It’s quite handy when you’re fighting against your best friend who has the same character preferences and fighting style as you. Mastering how to use every character available is only half the battle: You need to know how they will react as opponents, too.

Also included in the strategy guide are an art gallery and a frame-ready print of Ryu and Ken. So, you get to read stuff AND ogle at amazing artwork. Not bad for its $39.99 price tag. “What if new characters or gameplay mechanics are added after the game is released?” you may ask. Don’t worry. An “eGuide” will also be included to keep up with whatever changes that Capcom cooks up.

The Street Fighter V Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide will be available on February 16. So, don’t forget to grab one when you head out to get your copy of Street Fighter V.

Official Guides: A Dying Breed

Back when the internet wasn’t the go-to hub for every information needed, video game guides were all the rage. But just like the physical copies of the games today, they are slowly running out of business, no thanks to digital copies. There are numerous websites now that can indulge players with all the information they need for a specific video game. Not to mention the video walkthroughs available on YouTube. And they’re all for free! So, if players are going to buy official strategy guides, it’ll be most likely for collection purposes.

Although unlike official strategy guides like this one, guides found on the internet usually take a few days to get set up since they’re written by the players as they go through the game.



Image: Prima Games

News: GameSpot

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