OpTic Gaming Signs Book Deal With Harper Collins

If you’re an avid first-person shooter fan, there’s an extremely high probability that you’ve heard of OpTic Gaming, one of the world’s best gaming teams in the realm of shooters and easily one of the most recognizable in the industry. Now, they are about to get more exposure and will be introduced to gamers who still haven’t heard of their renowned prowess.

The professional gaming team has just signed a book deal with known publisher Harper Collins, which will allow readers to probe the minds of the once unknown gamers and know what it’s like to be part of such a team. According to the description, the book, titled “The Making of eSports Champions”, will tell the story of how OpTic Gaming rose to prominence and the result of the subsequent fame. They will also share tips on how make it big in the competitive gaming scene as well as how to become better gamers. So, have your pen and paper by your side while going through the book. You never know, a single line of advice may be just what you need to get your competitive gaming dreams into high gear.

OpTic Gaming is the first professional gaming team to receive a book deal, a telltale sign that the competitive gaming industry is really, really being taken seriously now. ESPN further proves this notion when they launched an eSports division in their website.

The OpTic Gaming team already made a lot of money from their victories and sponsors, and their wallets just got thicker with the reported six-figure deal team members received as an advance from the publishing company. The book will be released on May 17 and will be available in both print and digital format. The print version, which comes in paperback, will be priced at $18, while the digital version will come in at a lower $13. Also as a bonus, preordering the book will come with a $5 coupon which can be used at the team’s online store.

OpTic Gaming is most known for their exploits in the Call of Duty scene. They are captained by Matt “NaDeSHoT” Haag and have rosters to deploy for Halo and Counter-Strike, too.

If you want to learn what it takes to be a professional gamer, whether you play shooters or other popular online multiplayer games, it’d be in your best interest to grab a copy of The Making of eSports Champions when it gets released. After all, the best advice comes from those who had first-hand experience.



Image: MLG

News: GameSpot

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