Get a Load of These Evil Ryu Street Fighter Statues Next Year

Digital distribution of games has now become the norm in today’s age of gaming. For publishers, it’s the much cheaper option thanks to the lack of production in the physical front. For consumers, it allows them to buy their games from the comfort of their couches at home. It’s a win-win scenario, right? Well, not if you’re into the collector’s merchandise that usually comes with the physical copy of games – like posters, replicas of in-game items and miniature statues. And speaking of statues, Street Fighter has a cool gift for fans next year.

Say hello to the ‘Murderous Intent’ Ryu and the ‘Dark Hado’ Ryu statues at Pop Culture Shock Toys. Both statues are based on the Evil Ryu character in the Street Fighter series. The former depicts the typically white-clothed character in a garb similar to the character Akuma, complete with red hair and sinister-looking eyes.

murderous intent ryu

This statue – which was sculpted by Jon Reilly and Justin McMillan, and painted by Mike Najera – stands at 42 cm and weighs around 7.65 kg. The ‘Murderous Intent’ Ryu is priced at $389.99, but you can avail of a limited 10 percent discount which would bring the price down to $350.99

The ‘Dark Hado’ Ryu statue is a bit similar to the ‘Murderous Intent’ Ryu. The most notable difference is that Ryu now sports a much longer but less evil-looking hair. He wears a different garb, too.

dark hado ryu

This statue also has the same height and weight as the other statue and was also sculpted by Jon Reilly and painted by Mike Najera. However, the ‘Dark Hado’ Ryu is more expensive at $399.99, which goes down to $359.99 with the same 10 percent discount (it must be the extra hair). Both statues have an estimated shipping date on December 23, 2017 – just in time for the holiday season next year.

“Street Fighter V” availability

The bad news is that, both these character designs are not yet in “Street Fighter V”. Well, unless you count mods. And there’s no word yet whether Capcom will ever include them. But if they do decide to grace players with the presence of Evil Ryu, the design will most likely be the short-haired version.

“Street Fighter V” is the latest installment in the long-running series. Aside from its complete disregard for single-player content, the game is pretty much in line with what you would expect from the series. Each character in the game has a distinct fighting style which dissuades button-mashing. The game, along with “Mortal Kombat X”, is the current flagbearer of the fighting genre, not with “Tekken 7” still in the works.


Image: Pop Culture Shock Toys

News: GameSpot

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