Ubisoft’s Far Cry Primal Rated-M by ESRB

Far Cry Primal, the upcoming installment in the action-adventure series Far Cry, has received an official Mature rating from the ESRB due to its show of violence, nudity, and scenes implicating sexual activity. According the ESRB’s description, the game depicts an assortment of scenes with explicit violence, topless females, and characters engaging in sexual activity, although not in an explicit way for the last.

The trailer for Far Cry Primal (see below), of course, does not feature any of those mature themes. The game will undoubtedly receive a lot of flak if Ubisoft decided to go with the explicit route in the trailers. Actually, the gaming company is not new to having their Far Cry games being handed with an M rating by ESRB. The previous main installments in the series, Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4, were also branded with a Mature rating. So, don’t expect Ubisoft to be fazed by this.

Far Cry Primal set in a primal world

Far Cry Primal is notably different from its two predecessors, not just in aesthetics but in the gameplay as well. The game is set in the Mesolithic period, or 12,000 years in the past, guns and all those shiny modern pieces of technology are not yet available. So, images of the main character, Takkar, running alongside his pet saber-toothed cat with a rocket launcher at hand will never come into fruition.

Instead, crude weapons like spears and clubs will take center stage — which does not mean the combat in the game will be less violent, in fact it’s the opposite. There are also no shops to buy those crude weapons, like in games set in medieval times. Players will have to create their weapons using the resources around them. So, in essence, the game has added gameplay mechanics usually found in survival horror games like Dying Light.

The setting of the game is also directly responsible for the nudity. Characters in the game does not have access to shiny outfits or designer clothes, relying mostly on scarce animal skin to cover the most trivial places. This is actually nothing new for a production, video game or otherwise, set thousands or even millions of years in the past. So, anyone claiming that Far Cry Primal just shed new light into their conscience is outright lying.

Fans of the series were probably kidding themselves that Far Cry Primal will be somehow downgraded in terms of mature themes, despite all the fancy things the trailer doled out.



Image: Ubisoft

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