Fallout 4 No-Kill Run? One player proves it’s possible

A Fallout 4 run for the pacifist

The biggest draw of open world video games with non-linear gameplay is that players are pretty much allowed to approach them in whatever preferences they desire. Couple that with a vast in-game customization, notably with the equipment, and players making their imprints through mods, and you have yourself a game that has unlimited playing time.

Bethesda’s acclaimed post-apocalyptic video game is an excellent example.

Seriously, you could spend a lot of hours just designing your character’s physical appearance. Aside from the incredibly deep weapon customization and the presence of a beautifully created open world — albeit one teeming with nasty monsters — Fallout 4 also boasts a system that allows players to approach missions or objectives in a number of ways.

One player has decided that he’s had enough of shooting down enemies and approached the game in a “peaceful” manner.

Kyle Hinkley a.k.a The Weirdist has managed to go through Fallout 4 without staining his character’s hands with blood. The idea might be hard to process since the game is practically begging you to take up arms and fight for dear life every time you step out in the wasteland. But as Hinkley’s recorded playthrough shows, which was cut into several parts (last part seen below), it’s every bit plausible.

Oh, and by the way, he did it on the game’s Survival difficulty, the hardest one. Give that man a medal.

The game’s director, Todd Howard, did state that it’s possible to play the game without in-game violence. He stated the theory, Hinkley applied it successfully. Although he wasn’t able to do it on the first try — he restarted his game no thanks to a mistake that resulted in deaths caused by his character.

To go through Fallout 4 without any bloodshed, Hinkley employed tactics such as talking his way out of troubles and making enemies fight against one another instead, all thanks to his character’s high charisma. He was also aided with the item “Wasteland Whisperer”, an item that has a Level 10 requirement, which gives him a chance of calming down enemies.

With this amazing achievement, Hinkley proved that no-kill runs aren’t exclusively confined to the Metal Gear Solid series. The way the game’s shooter mechanics have been designed to entice players to mow down everything in their path, it’s equally amazing the Hinkley was able to hold off on pulling the trigger and walking away — an act usually reserved only in the face of Deathclaws.



Image: fallout4.com

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