Assassin’s Creed movie lead lacked AC gaming credentials

As you may know, an Assassin’s Creed movie is in the works, starring no less than the acclaimed Michael Fassbender as the fan-favorite assassin. The casting announcement immediately got people’s assumptions rolling that Fassbender himself is an avid fan of the popular stealth action-adventure video game series, which presumably played a huge part in him agreeing to take up the hood.

Those who thought of such a thing couldn’t be further from the truth.

Fassbender, popularly known for starring as Magneto in the recent X-Men films, admitted that he had zero experience with any of the Assassin’s Creed games prior to taking on the job, and it’s only after he had been signed for the role that he started playing them for research purposes.

The revelation that the lead role for the movie adaptation did not have an inkling of prior experience with the game might come as a small shock. Considering that movies based on video games are not very well-received — just ask Scorpion and the gang —  the only plausible reason for an actor of Fassbender’s stature to get involved with such a project was that if he was already a fan of the games.

Of course, since Fassbender’s gaming history for whatever game is not known to the public, his reasons for deciding to appear in the Assassin’s Creed movie may not come into the light until perhaps the movie has started making rounds in marketing — cast interviews, to be specific. Fans can also hope that Fassbender chose the right game to play in the series for his research, most notably the current installment in the series. (see gameplay below)

Assassin’s Creed movie has large mountain to scale

The Assassin’s Creed series is not the only video game series that has an upcoming movie adaptation. Another one which involves humans and orcs is currently on the way. This sudden trend in video games being adapted into movies is a testament to the ever-growing gaming industry. And it’s also questionable since the merging of the two entertainment mediums have been historically bad, as mentioned above.

Only avid video game fans can remember that there was once a movie based on the Street Fighter series, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. But with the way that video games are shaping up the entertainment industry at the moment, it’s safer more than ever to risk those big bucks (and reputations) in producing movies based on popular titles.

Fassbender’s involvement in the Assassin’s Creed movie proves that.



Image: IGN

News: Game Rant

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