New Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer

No turning back: It’s really happening!

Video game remakes are one of the trickier businesses in the industry. On one hand, everyone’s favorite video game title gets a complete revamp that makes it in line with the current generation’s standards. On the other hand, it tarnishes the legacy set by the original release, especially if the remake turned out to be crappy.

Final Fantasy VII is no exception to such a two-way treatment. Originally released in 1997 for the original Sony PlayStation, the critically acclaimed game was the catalyst for Japanese Role-Playing Games (JRPG) breaking into mainstream success in the Western world. It also helped that the game was the first to feature fully 3D graphics, thanks to the PlayStation’s groundbreaking hardware. The game’s status as a legend is usually not up for debate, with only the nitpickers daring to challenge its legacy. It’s popularity has given way to several spin-offs like the PlayStation Portable game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, which serves as a prequel to the original, or the completely computer-generated movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

No offense to those spin-off releases, but there is really only one thing that will make fans of Final Fantasy VII wet their pants: a complete remake of the original game.

So, you can only imagine the reaction of the fans when Sony unveiled its grand plan for a complete remake of the game at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2015. (Actually, you don’t need to imagine as there are a lot of recorded videos depicting the delirious reactions of the fans.)

Final Fantasy VII remake trailers

The first trailer announcing the remake barely allowed the fans to catch their breaths in excitement and anticipation. Although the trailer only showed a computer-generated sequence with Cloud Strife and Barret Wallace shown at the end, it was enough to almost break the vocal chords of those who are watching. But Sony once again showed no mercy on the helpless fans when it released a new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer at the PlayStation Experience 2015, and this time it included in-game graphics and gameplay preview. See for yourself in the video below if the news somehow flew under your radar.

For those fans who have yet to truly accept in their hearts that the long-anticipated and forever-teased remake is really, really under development, now is the perfect time.

The computer-animated cutscenes in the new trailer graphically matches that of the first trailer, giving fans a quick peek at some members of AVALANCHE from the opening act of the game. The main draw of the trailer, however, is the inclusion of gameplay previews. Now it’s unfair to hand out judgment this early, but from the looks of it the revamped gameplay aesthetics resembles that of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Of course, anything could be changed during the entire development process.

Square Enix can take all the time it needs in fine-tuning the long-awaited remake, which will be released as a multi-part series. Fans can still burn time with other games in the series while patiently waiting for Cloud Strife and company to arrive in high-definition.




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