Final Fantasy IX to be released for PC and Smartphones

Final Fantasy VII isn’t the only one getting an upgrade

Final Fantasy IX is also getting an update, although not a complete remake like its more well-known sibling. Square Enix announced that the classic game will be re-released for the PC and Smartphones (iOS and Android) in Japan sometime in 2016. Release specifics were not well-detailed in the announcement so fans are still left to wonder whether it will be a Japan-only treatment or will also be released for Western audiences. The exact date has also not be specified, so fans can only hope that the gaming giant keeps to its word about the 2016 release without any setbacks.

Aside from upgrades in the graphics department, here are some of the announced features that will be added to the re-release. Do note, however, that some or all of these may be scratched at the last moment or tweaked into a different feature.

  • New achievements
  • an Auto-Save function (finally!)
  • a “high-speed” mode (can be speculated as a game speed customization)
  • “game-boosting” features (probably gameplay enhancement features, maybe hacks)
  • Lots of fun (okay, that one’s made up, but it’s certainly a given)

Those reported additions — except the last one, of course — will help in giving one of the best games in the series, both main and spin-offs, an excellent modernization, so to speak. The graphics upgrade alone will already make fans giddy of the more detailed facial expressions of the lovable knight Steiner.

Final Fantasy IX was previously made available for the Sony PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Portable in 2010, although it did not come with the drastic upgrades this re-release will bring to the table.

Pure fantasy in Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX is arguably the most “pure” in terms of fantastical flair in the entire Final Fantasy franchise, and that’s saying a lot with an open-world entry that pushes fantasy to the limits. Everything about the game has received universal acclaim, from the overall world design to the well-developed characters to the handful of side-quests. The game is sometimes regarded as a sort of remake of the first Final Fantasy game, which is actually quite fitting since Final Fantasy IX is the last game for the original PlayStation before shifting to its more powerful successor, the PlayStation 2.

Re-releasing games, with or without upgrades, is a common theme in the gaming industry. Some developers do it for the money, while some do it for the sheer fun of watching more players suffer the wrath of their games.



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