Get a Load of These Evil Ryu Street Fighter Statues Next Year

Digital distribution of games has now become the norm in today’s age of gaming. For publishers, it’s the much cheaper option thanks to the lack of production in the physical front. For consumers, it allows them to buy their games from the comfort of their couches at home. It’s a win-win scenario, right? Well, not if you’re into the collector’s merchandise that usually comes with the physical copy of games – like posters, replicas of in-game items and miniature statues. And speaking of statues, Street Fighter has a cool gift for fans next year. Continue reading

Mirror’s Edge Games Will Be Available for Free on EA Access Next Week

“Mirror’s Edge” was one of the more innovative games in recent years. It starred a badass female protagonist, Faith Connors, and focused more on in-game movement, which was based on parkour, instead of straight-up guns blazing everywhere. And that’s a change of scenery in this generation dominated by first-person shooter games – spearheaded by the Call of Duty and Battlefield series. Continue reading

Nintendo President Teases Price and Launch Games of Nintendo Switch

To say that the Nintendo Wii U is a failure would seem like an understatement, especially considering the massive success of its predecessor, the Nintendo Wii. Actually, it can be argued that Nintendo would have been absent in this generation of gaming if it weren’t for the Nintendo 3DS. Which is the only thing that’s keeping handheld consoles from being crushed by the rise of mobile gaming, no thanks to the non-participation of the PlayStation Vita. Continue reading

Microsoft ‘Project Scorpio’ Already Has 250 Games Under Its Belt

In this year’s E3, Microsoft announced the code-named ‘Project Scorpio’, a mid-generation console upgrade that is scheduled to arrive during the 2017 holiday season. The console will pack 6 teraflops of computing power, which will make it the most powerful console ever. That number is significantly higher than the PS4 Pro, Sony’s similarly upcoming mid-generation upgrade which will arrive later this month. Continue reading

EA CEO Talks Titanfall 2 Release Date So Close to Battlefield 1

It looks like 2016 is shaping up to be a great year for first-person shooter fans. “Overwatch” was successfully launched last May and created another cash cow for Blizzard Entertainment to milk. Yet another Call of Duty game will be arriving this November 4th, titled “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare”. And Electronic Arts has just released two different FPS games one week apart from each other: “Titanfall 2” and “Battlefield 1”. Continue reading

Samsung Gear VR Will Soon Have Xbox One Controller Compatibility

The first half of 2016 saw the release of the first consumer version of the Oculus Rift, a high-powered virtual reality headset that quite literally makes your eyes pop at all the gorgeous visuals. Unsurprisingly, though, the Oculus Rift also came with an equally eye-popping price tag that’s guaranteed to put a large dent in your savings. For people not too keen on going all-in on the virtual reality trend, there’s the cheaper Samsung Gear VR, which is also Oculus-powered. You can think of the Gear VR as the Oculus Rift’s mobile phone-centric little brother. Now, it’s about to get a much similar look to its big brother. Continue reading

Tekken 7 Unlikely to Support Cross-Platform Multiplayer

Cross-platform multiplayer is quite a rarity in the video game industry, one that the big three – Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo – have been reluctant to dive into ever since. Games that support cross-platform multiplayer have been few in number, with Rocket League and Street Fighter V being (arguably) the two most easily recognized among the fray. The cross-platform multiplayer feature of Street Fighter V has generally been well-received, so it’s safe to daydream that other fighting games might follow suit in the near future. But don’t count on the next main installment in the similarly popular Tekken series to have the feature. Continue reading

No Man’s Sky Gets New Update with Full Patch Notes

When Hello Games released No Man’s Sky, the initial reception was cold, to say the least. Okay, it received a lot of backlash, especially the PC version which came out several days after the PlayStation 4 version. Much of the complaints were directed at the game’s numerous bugs, errors, and other technical problems, to go along with the criticism that No Man’s Sky felt really incomplete. (In fairness to fans, the game really does lack gameplay depth and engaging features, like a real multiplayer mode.) Continue reading

PS Vita Arrived “Too Late”, According to Former Sony Exec

The Sony PlayStation Vita is hands down the most powerful handheld console available in the market today, easily trumping the Nintendo 3DS in terms of sheer hardware power. However, it wasn’t able to replicate the success of its predecessor, the PlayStation Portable (PSP), which left the 3DS to singlehandedly carry the banner of handheld consoles in this generation. Continue reading